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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to look attractive?

If someone has not already told you this, this is a state of mind rather than how one's body looks. This hypothesis was tested with many couples. What was found is that physical appearance had very little to do with how a woman's partner felt about her. These women were hot in their mind and it came out in how they behaved and dressed. So what you need to think about is how to change your thinking. How do you change your own attitude towards your own body? You have to look at your own body and start to love it. If you don't, then you will present a very insecure image to your partner and he will not like you either. Men love only those women that are confident and full of self-esteem. They are more interesting and more fun to be around.

Here are some additional tips to feel good about your looks:

· Start exercising regularly. It will not only tone up your body, you will feel much better about yourself. You don't have to do anything special; just regular physical activity will be great for you considering that you are not overweight.

· Invest in a new wardrobe. Shop for clothes that make you look more lively and cheerful. Choose colors that go well with your skin and hair colour. Do not forget the accessories.

· Buy high-quality lingerie. Do not be too worried if it is too risqué. You will feel great when you wear it.

· Spend more time in front of the mirror. Dress up in your favourite outfits and admire your body in front of the mirror. Just because you have small front, it does not mean that you should not look at yourself in the mirror. Notice, in particular, those assets of your body that stand out, whether it is your hair or eyes or rear.

· Read inspirational books to develop your self-esteem.

· Stay away from people who tease you or try to convince you that a woman's self-esteem is to be determined by her size.

Finally, smile. Smile for being a woman.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty from within and without

Outer beauty is the bloom of general health and well-being, in other words, inner beauty. To enhance your beauty, both inner and outer, you may simply need to set aside some stress-free time to relax and pamper yourself, or adapt your lifestyle in general. Whatever your particular situation, there are many natural ways to achieve beauty, from the inside out, and the outside in.

1. Diet

A diet consisting of fried and preservative laden food will take its toll on your appearance as well as your health. On the other hand, a good daily intake of fresh organically grown vegetables and fruits will boost your immune system and improve your general health.

Water is one of nature’s greatest natural cleansers, and drinking between six and eight glasses a day will improve the functioning of all your body’s systems and help clear your complexion.

2. Exercise

Any form of exercise will help you feel and look better by relieving tension and stress. Exercising also helps the body get rid of excess stress hormones and toxins. Taking a healthy amount of exercise does not necessarily mean making disruptive changes to your routine, or buying expensive equipment. One of the most effective forms of exercise is walking, and the only equipment you need is a comfortable pair of shoes.

3. Yoga and meditation

Relaxation and peace of mind can be enhanced greatly by yoga and meditation. Both methods calm the mind and body to promote mental and physical well-being. Meditation, whether as part of yoga, or used separately, aims to stop troubling or stimulating thoughts from entering the mind by focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of breath or by concentrating on a single neutral thought.

4. Bathing

Baths are an excellent time for pampering and relaxation, and you can create different atmospheres according to your needs.

A Few drops of a carefully chosen essential oil added to the water can be used to calm and relax, lift your spirits, or rejuvenate and energize. Using herbs in bathwater can also be highly beneficial- chamomile flowers, for example, act as a gentle nerve restorative.

5. Aromatherapy massage

A potent combination of the healing powers of touch and essential oils, aromatherapy massage stimulates the circulation and promotes general health and well-being. Not only is it deeply relaxing, it can also eliminate toxins from the body, and help resolve such problems, and headaches.

The essential oils that form the basis of aromatherapy preparations also help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.