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Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 Interesting Facts about Your Health

Get crushed
Crush garlic before cooking it, suggests the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Heat damages the enzymes in the gloves that prevent blood clots. By crushing it, it minimizes the effect heat may have on it.

Take a scoop
Ice cream may help you get pregnant, thanks to a fat-soluble dairy compound, according to a Harvard School of Public Health Study.

Water log
Are you thirsty or dehydrated? Make use of the water calculator at to check your hydration needs.

Fat attack
A high-fat meal makes it harder for your heart to cope with stress notes a study in in the Journal of Nutrition. Blood pressure can rise after a meal high in saturated fats. So if you have a hectic schedule, pack a healthy lunch.

Main Squeeze
Grapefruit has always been a diet classic; now a study in the Journal of medicinal Food shows how the sweet-and-sour citrus may help weight loss. Citrus keeps insulin levels low, which might help your body burn more fat.

Cancer kicker
Two cups of beans a week cut your risk for colon cancer by 65% says search of the South African Cancer association.

Bye-Bye belly
Another reason to eat breakfast – it may give you flatter abs. Researchers have found that breakfast skippers have bigger tummies than those who regularly have a morning meal.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beauty Secrets - Beauty Tips

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Women have considered that looking beautiful is an essential part of their being. Although beauty lies within it doesn’t mean that you must ignore your outer appearance. It is your outer appearance that people are going to notice before they actually learn how beautiful as a person you are. Since ancient time women have discovered many beauty secrets which have helped them to defy time and stay younger for long. They have discovered the secrets of beautiful, radiant skin.

No other field has performed as many researches as the field of beauty and cosmetics has got. The efforts are still continuing in discovering the ultimate beauty secret which will freeze our beauty in time.

In the ancient time people used to use natural remedies for their beauty problems. But, since then researches on this field has undergone sea changes. We now have an array of developed medicines, surgical procedures, and cosmetic and make-up solutions to solve our beauty problems. With today’s beauty solutions you can now literally take care of any beauty issues.

Daily skin care regimen

Looking beautiful doesn’t have a quick fix; rather, you have to undertake a daily skin care regimen which will help improve your overall appearance. Therefore, an important beauty secret is to take care of your skin on a regular basis.

Cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing are the four pillars of your daily skin care.

Cleansing: Everyday your skin gathers pollutants and dirt particles which make your skin look dull. This dirt keeps accumulating to cause more serious skin problems. Cleaning your skin daily with a good cleanser is therefore an essential beauty tip. You can find a good cleanser from a drugstore near you.

Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. But, you must never use soap to clean your face. Depending upon your skin type you may clean your face once or twice daily. But, too much cleansing would make the skin lose its natural moisturizer and elasticity, which will escalate aging.

Scrubbing: Our skin gathers layers of dead cells everyday. This makes your skin appear dull and lifeless. Exfoliating your skin once in every week would make it appear more youthful. There are several ways available for exfoliating: Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and retinoid. These would help rejuvenating your skin and give it a youthful look.

Toning: Scrubbing and cleansing must be followed by toning. Toning will help in closing the pores that were opened during the scrubbing and cleansing process. Toning further removes any trace of oil and make up from your face and tighten it. Toning also helps in reducing the age lines from your face.

Moisturizing: Your skin care routine can’t be complete without a good moisturizer. Make sure that your beauty kit always has a supply of a quality moisturizer.

Apply enough moisturizing cream in the face and neck area. Some of us tend to overlook the neck region in daily beauty routine but that is a grave beauty mistake.

Sun screen: Sun screen is an essential beauty product. It protects your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. Sun rays can cause, tanning premature aging and dark spots which will make your skin appear dull. Hence, apply sunscreen of at least 30 SPF before going out in the day time.

Sun screen cream should be applied on all the bare parts of the body. One can even use sun screen while going out in the evening as a protective shield against the harmful particles of the atmosphere.

Eye care: While you are taking care of your face don’t ignore eyes since eyes are one of the first to show signs of ageing. The skin around the eye is thinner than the rest of your body and hence, it requires special treatment. Similarly, tired eyes are big beauty faux-pas. Hence, don’t hesitate to invest in a good under eye cream. There are eye creams available in roll-on tubes which will help reducing under eye puffiness.

Rinse your eyes with distilled rose water. Rose water is known to de-stress your eyes and add sparkle in it.

Lip care: Smooth and full lips are the sign of youth. Our lips get thinner as we age. Hence, one must include proper lip care in her daily beauty regimen.

Keep your lips moisturized to prevent it from chapping. There are now lip balms and lipsticks available with SPF to offer protection against harmful sunrays. Honey is a natural moisturizer and using it daily can add the radiance in your lips.

Scrub your lips with a brush while brushing your teeth to remove the dead cells from your lips. You can see immediate changes in the appearance of your lips by doing this.

Hand and feet care: If you ignore your hands and feet you can’t achieve the full result of your beauty regimen. Regular manicure and pedicure can help in preserving the beauty of your hands and feet. Maintaining healthy and clean nails are also important for your hygiene.

Soak your hands and feet in lukewarm water with a foot soak. Then clean them with hand and foot shampoo. Trim your nails and push back the cuticles. This can be done once in two weeks for better results.

Look ageless: Age would take a toll on our skin whether we like it or not. But one can prevent aging by following a proper beauty routine. An anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cream is therefore an essential product. There are now many anti-aging creams available in the market for you to choose from.

You may go for a Botox treatment to get rid of the crow’s feet and laugh lines. When you are aging avoid using powder base make-ups. Instead of caking your face with a base you can switch to tinted moisturizer for the same flawless finish. Powder base make-ups have a tendency to cling on to the lines of your face; making them prominent.

Improve your life style

Along with your daily skin care regimen it is essential to improve your life style for better results. Face is known as the mirror of mind and stress and disturbance that you deal with in your everyday life will take a toll on your skin as well. You can achieve a healthy skin by practicing the following lifestyle improvement tips.

Rest: Everyday 7 hrs to 8 hrs of sleep is essential for our body to get back its strength. Resting would refresh your body and mind. You will find anew energy in dealing with your life’s chores.

De-stress: De-stress as often as you can. Put your worries and anxieties at the back sit. Aerobics and yoga can be helpful in unwinding your mind. One can even combine Pilates with Yoga for better result. Exercising is also a great way to achieve a healthy and fit body.

Cut smoking and drinking: Cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. Apart from achieving a great skin, quitting smoking has other health benefits as well. The same applies to the consumption of alcohol as well.

Detox: Detox your body by drinking enough glasses of water everyday. While cleanser cleans your skin from outside, water will clean your body from within. Ideally, one must drink 11 to 12 glasses of water everyday.
Balance diet: Balance diet is essential for healthy body and skin. Include green and leafy vegetables, fruits and almonds in your daily diet. Avoid oily and greasy food to avoid problems of pimple and acne. Take enough vitamin supplements. You may ask a professional dietician to draw you a proper diet chart.

Importance of make-up

One can’t deny the importance of make-up in looking beautiful. However, one needs to know the right way of applying make-up for the best results. Your skin is important and hence you must avoid buying cheap make-ups and cosmetics.

While buying make-ups and cosmetics test it against your skin to ensure you are not allergic to it. Further, change your cosmetics after every three months. Especially, the eye make-ups should be changed on a regular basis.

Also, while applying make-ups always ensure that you use right and clean applicators and brushes. Always remember to clean brushes after use to avoid getting rashes.

Mineral make-up products have become the newest trend. These have no side effects and also give great finish. Hence, you may try out some mineral make-up products next time you go shopping.

Hair styling

You can’t ignore the importance of hairstyling in beauty secret. A hair cut can help you get the necessary makeover. Change your hairstyle regularly for a fresh look. Try highlighting your hair to add the light and shade effect, which in turn will create the illusion of more volume. Use hair mousses and serums for perfect styling.

Wearing your hair the same way for long time can make you look older. Hence, changing your hairstyle can also help you in looking younger. You may ask your hairstylist to suggest you couple for changes which can help improving your looks.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Health and Body Tips for Women

Women are the care taker of the husband, children, parents, in-law and other members of the family. Working women have their bosses who want them to full various job requirements. In all this mayhem, women forget to take care of themselves which results in stressed lives and poor health. Women should be aware about their health needs and be proactive in taking care of themselves. Women need to make decisions which can help her maintain the quality of life as well as good health. This will help in deciding whether she just wants to struggle in life or want to lead healthy and rewarding life.

There are few health care tips which every woman should consider as if you are healthy only then you can take care of people around you. First and foremost for good health is eating healthy and right. Eating five servings of vegetables and fruits with diet having less saturated fat can help you in maintaining health as well as reduces the cancer risk. Being obese won’t help you as you will age, so maintaining a proportionate weight is very important. Women who are overweight have risk of cardiac arrests, high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes. Doing proper exercise and having a balanced diet along with a right health care provider can help you.

Physical exercise is very important for women as today we have a sedentary lifestyle. Adult women should exercise for at least thirty minutes each day. It doesn’t require money but what is requires is the will and commitment to do it. You can start with some light walking and jogging or can try out more fun ways like dancing, gardening and swimming. Due to hectic lifestyle and peer groups, many women start smoking to release tension. Smoking doesn’t relieve you of the stress but makes you prone to many diseases like cancer, lung diseases, infertility, and complications in pregnancy and early menopause. Moreover, smoking can increase the risk of heart attack in women. Quit smoking for a good health today.

Going in for periodical health check up with your health care provider can reduce risk of many diseases and moreover, gives you mental satisfaction that you are hail and hearty. These routine check-ups and examination include blood pressure checks, check-ups for cholesterol, diabetes, STDs, cancer of skin, breast and cervix. If by chance, the problem is detected in early stage, a proper treatment can be ensured. Even getting vaccinations for diseases can protect you from many diseases. This might become a necessity depending on the job requirements, lifestyle and frequent traveling.

Stress is root cause of many health problems when it comes to women. You can manage stress by involving in stress busting activities at home and work. Try it and you will be very relieved. There are chances that you might suffer from some hereditary problems which run in your ancestors and parents. Moreover, sometimes you are subjected to many diseases because of the work environment, job profile and lifestyle. Being aware about your health condition is very important for protecting yourself from health threats. These are various ways which can help women in maintaining good health and leading a happy life
by Marry Jones

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to look attractive?

If someone has not already told you this, this is a state of mind rather than how one's body looks. This hypothesis was tested with many couples. What was found is that physical appearance had very little to do with how a woman's partner felt about her. These women were hot in their mind and it came out in how they behaved and dressed. So what you need to think about is how to change your thinking. How do you change your own attitude towards your own body? You have to look at your own body and start to love it. If you don't, then you will present a very insecure image to your partner and he will not like you either. Men love only those women that are confident and full of self-esteem. They are more interesting and more fun to be around.

Here are some additional tips to feel good about your looks:

· Start exercising regularly. It will not only tone up your body, you will feel much better about yourself. You don't have to do anything special; just regular physical activity will be great for you considering that you are not overweight.

· Invest in a new wardrobe. Shop for clothes that make you look more lively and cheerful. Choose colors that go well with your skin and hair colour. Do not forget the accessories.

· Buy high-quality lingerie. Do not be too worried if it is too risqué. You will feel great when you wear it.

· Spend more time in front of the mirror. Dress up in your favourite outfits and admire your body in front of the mirror. Just because you have small front, it does not mean that you should not look at yourself in the mirror. Notice, in particular, those assets of your body that stand out, whether it is your hair or eyes or rear.

· Read inspirational books to develop your self-esteem.

· Stay away from people who tease you or try to convince you that a woman's self-esteem is to be determined by her size.

Finally, smile. Smile for being a woman.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty from within and without

Outer beauty is the bloom of general health and well-being, in other words, inner beauty. To enhance your beauty, both inner and outer, you may simply need to set aside some stress-free time to relax and pamper yourself, or adapt your lifestyle in general. Whatever your particular situation, there are many natural ways to achieve beauty, from the inside out, and the outside in.

1. Diet

A diet consisting of fried and preservative laden food will take its toll on your appearance as well as your health. On the other hand, a good daily intake of fresh organically grown vegetables and fruits will boost your immune system and improve your general health.

Water is one of nature’s greatest natural cleansers, and drinking between six and eight glasses a day will improve the functioning of all your body’s systems and help clear your complexion.

2. Exercise

Any form of exercise will help you feel and look better by relieving tension and stress. Exercising also helps the body get rid of excess stress hormones and toxins. Taking a healthy amount of exercise does not necessarily mean making disruptive changes to your routine, or buying expensive equipment. One of the most effective forms of exercise is walking, and the only equipment you need is a comfortable pair of shoes.

3. Yoga and meditation

Relaxation and peace of mind can be enhanced greatly by yoga and meditation. Both methods calm the mind and body to promote mental and physical well-being. Meditation, whether as part of yoga, or used separately, aims to stop troubling or stimulating thoughts from entering the mind by focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of breath or by concentrating on a single neutral thought.

4. Bathing

Baths are an excellent time for pampering and relaxation, and you can create different atmospheres according to your needs.

A Few drops of a carefully chosen essential oil added to the water can be used to calm and relax, lift your spirits, or rejuvenate and energize. Using herbs in bathwater can also be highly beneficial- chamomile flowers, for example, act as a gentle nerve restorative.

5. Aromatherapy massage

A potent combination of the healing powers of touch and essential oils, aromatherapy massage stimulates the circulation and promotes general health and well-being. Not only is it deeply relaxing, it can also eliminate toxins from the body, and help resolve such problems, and headaches.

The essential oils that form the basis of aromatherapy preparations also help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Conversation Tips

Women get bored of having the same conversations with men over and over again. If you can engage a woman with some different topics of conversation which you are able to maintain, you will stand out from the rest and generate attraction. To become an interesting conversationalist you just need to follow a few simple guidelines:
1. Avoid hairdresser conversation
Don't you just hate the meaningless kind of conversations which you have with your hairdresser, person in the post office queue, your aunt you hardly ever see? I like to call this kind of conversation 'conversation on rails'. It’s usually boring, shallow and has no specific direction. Whenever we meet new people they always ask "what do you do?", “where are you from?", "do you come here often?" and so on. We hate answering these questions over and over again, yet we continue to ask them to other people we meet. For attractive women who must get approached regularly, the issue is even greater. Women see these questions as time fillers which the men are not genuinely interested in knowing the answer to, so it is important to come up with some new material.
2. Don’t interview her
Women are often approached by men who immediately fire a series of questions at them, making them feel as though they’re appearing on a quiz show. The man’s only response to her answers is usually “oh really, so…”, showing that they are not actually interested and this stops deeper conversation from forming. This quickly becomes very tedious and any woman who puts up with it is either extremely attracted to you or just very polite! Avoid asking a series of gruelling questions, try asking one, make a connection on the point and then allow this to lead on to another. For advanced level skills, try to elicit the answer without even having to ask the boring question – make an assumption or guess about what she does, where she is from, or what food she likes. You get the same information but by doing this the conversation is more interesting for her.
3. Don’t state the obvious
If a girl has pretty eyes, she has probably heard it 500 times and doesn't need to be told. Find something more specific to her, preferably not about her appearance, or don't say anything at all. It is fine to give an obvious compliment with feeling when you are already together, but in the early stages, it is not what she wants as it comes across as being quite fake...
4. Have interesting answers to standard questions
There are certain questions and conversational paths that occur again and again for each person. Think about the questions you regularly get asked, and have a more interesting reply prepared in the back of your mind. If a conversation gets boring, even if it's on the girl’s part, she won't remember it was her fault, she will just know she is bored and this doesn’t give her a great impression!
5. Talk with passion
If you can talk with passion about the things you care about, it lures people in. If you enjoy something, let it show: be expressive, use visual and emotive language. People get caught up in it and start to feel good too. When they feel good, they will want to talk to you more.
Consider these points when engaging in conversation and you will be much more interesting, not just with women, but with everyone. Because most people don’t have these points in mind, they rerun the same game over and over, and its will be easy to stand out.